Electroneum is the little engine that could. It is blue. It is blue and it moves, fast. Off to a massively popular start with a few hiccups along the way, Electroneum has been after some pretty great things. In this video, we talk a bit about Electroneum, it’s journey and what it hopes to do.

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  1. etn doesnt even have a real mobile miner they are a marketing company with a coin 1 millon users an less market cap than most its a shitcoin back at 2.5 cents

  2. OMG! do you realize how much their just a marketing team pushing a monero fork, if you think ETN is a good thing then invest in MONERO! ETN will not be around after 2 years and their mobile mining is actually fake! and i tried pointing my mining rig at it a little while ago while it had the best profitability but their ACTUAL mining is way harder to set up and get mining stable, every 30 mins to an hour i would get the mining program randomly shutting down on me, How is that an easier mining experence? You obviously have no bloody clue abut crypto and i sure as hell know im going to be avoiding your videos because i cant trust your opinion

  3. Oopsiedoo. Forgot to anticipate they might be the target of a ddos with even a modicum of success. Top notch leadership, for sure…

  4. Didn't even mention HackerOne secured their system or they signed a deal that isn't even their biggest deal on the table with a company that does $1 billion in mobile transactions per month. Think about that, a company that does $1 billion transactions in 1 month is a small deal…

  5. Electroneum have a big future, because mobile miner for the latin america or big states from Africa when 5$ per month can help them make some money for living. In future we have here mining on Playstation or xbox. And do you here about ditch? Its cryptocurency ebay.. Amazing 🙂

  6. Electroneum wasn't hacked. Peoples emails were compromised because they used the same password for their e-mails as they have used on other websites. I repeat, Electroneum was never hacked.

  7. Super cool video but way too superficial! You should have made clear that the "mining experience" for example is literally an app for your phone that gives you coins for free… Yeah. Also, their community had to make the developers aware of a flaw in monero's code that was long fixed in the actual monero coin. And that electroneum collected 40 million $ for literally being a fork of monero? Hmm…


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