The blockchain industry is blossoming in South Korea, which has become the world’s third-largest crypto economy. Rising from the ashes of the last speculative frenzy, a new generation of Korean entrepreneurs are investing in real use cases and building the future of crypto.

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  3. Not only Korea but also china & other south-east Asian countries are working towards mass adoption of crypto one of them is DeFi technology on which wanchain supported organization FinNexus is providing services.

  4. Koreans buying cryptocurrencies and expecting the price to rise enough to afford unaffordable houses. This is why your bear market ain't close to end. Good luck, blood is coming.

  5. It's crazy how ahead of the game they are in front of everyone else. One of the first governments in the world to adopt blockchain tech.
    Great things to come from the likes of FLETA and Aergo in the next few years.


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