We traveled to Malta again and looked at the changes on the blockchain island. Learn about the cryptocurrency investments, blockchain education at the University of Malta, MFSA license, working businesses, Malta Digital Innovation Authority, blockchain summits, and conferences firsthand with Cointelegraph.

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  1. Cointeletgraph, a video on Canadian real estate, or North American real estate is something that would be really interesting for me and no doubt a lot of others! Thanks!!!

  2. f you really need to make profits in bitcoin Mr Max Neil Li Lung, is the right trade expert for you, i can't stop saying good about him, he helped me so much. I think those of you who trade crypto should check him up

  3. This is the government i like open for the innovation of the technology and crypto currency. I do hope my government is not like that but they all scams. I wish i can invest on there businesses someday. To gain financial freedom in our country.

  4. I would like to see a programme on the open source and free commons community with interviews of those who regularly contribute to crypto and other technologies.

  5. Pretty expensive in Euro or BTC to become citizen/ get passport/ etc

    Malta could allow any human being to stake in Malta
    (To gain citizenship/ passport/ etc)

    Ie as long as you contribute the total value for the citizenship/ passport/ etc.. in whatever exchange you can offer..
    Including future valuing your labor/ investment / proof of work for Malta going forward .. and any knowledge/ skills/ abilities/ resources/ networks (reach) you can apply to Malta to help Malta’s Coin to increase in value towards the Future Value Of Malta’s Highest Blueprint

    This is all easy to do

    We could have quite a micro-nation,
    As many of the million+ crypto & Blockchain enthusiasts around the world become citizens, in a matter of next months/ to years

  6. How about a Documentary about how humanity is uniting to build systems (Blockchain) to steward life and Earth into Highest Blueprint in the coming years.

    My purpose is to lead in this process.

    The Blockchain and most crypto currencies have not expanded to see beyond the horizon yet.

  7. Malta is the foreigners/EU playground, low tax for many companies, The average person in malta is not involved in all this innovation etc, Companies are going to the island and drasticly inflating the prices of houses, Inequality against the catholic natives are it highest, There are no go zones in the south of the island due to mass immigration of libyans, the list goes on. Funny thing is the maltese people are to ignorant and lazy anyway, so be it.

  8. Before entering the blockchain space, I've never heard of Malta. It's fascinating that a small country like Malta has grasped this chance in this transition period and become an important player in the space.

  9. Crypto, or digital assets are an expansion of control. Grow your own food and learn to barter true necessities. These shills are helping usher in the new world order and don't care about you. They only seek to further enslave us. You've been blessed to read this. Anything to the contrary is from a destroyer of men. Shalom

  10. Holy crap I'm selling. I don't want to have blood on my hands. I don’t want to pay taxes and fees to China!

    Unless you are a criminal or just have no morals you have to no reason to touch crypto. Reasons why you should avoid at all costs:

    1 The majority of crypto thought leaders and founders have criminal records and extreme views.

    2 The founder of bitcoin had some crazy views too and was too ashamed to even reveal himself. What if that means he was an employee of a rogue regime, or a programmer for a terrorist group, or had a long list of criminal records?

    3 A massive majority of the supply is owned by a tiny number of wallets with no known ownership. They could be a rogue regime, a terrorist group, child traffickers, a mafia, stinking rich people who want to be even more stinking rich, or all the above. In fact, we have quite a lot of evidence that the ‘all the above’ option is correct.

    4 Because the prices are clearly artificial with fake volume and very thin liquidity behind them.

    5 Because it isn’t a store of value or even useful unless you have power in this game.

    6 Because a portion of every transaction goes into the pockets of the Chinese regime who control most of the hash power. You should not be paying a transaction tax to that regime. It’s bad enough our consumer products are made there. It is highly likely that Bitmain and Binance are fronts for raising and laundering money for the Red Army.

    7 Because sites like Bellingcat have shown us terrorist, Nazis and Russian intel wallets. Why should I buy in and make these early holders wealthier? You should not be financing people who kill and oppress people. It’s bad enough we fund our own military complex, why should we fund other militaries, fanatics and spy agencies?

    8 Because they pump and dump on everyone who buys into a bull run. The only real winners are the criminals listed above. They may let a few normies win but in the long run when you give such monstrous people more wealth and power they will crush you sooner or later.


  11. Malta is the True Tax Haven. The whole country is made up of people that are so called “employees”. They are basically manikins that sit in place to comply with their “Lax Laws”. This is why it has become the destination of Binance, fleeing China.

    It is a Thought Leading country that doesn’t fear the future, but instead is paving the way.

  12. this is of course, the same crypto island where local banks (except 1, with 1 account ) don't entertain crytpo firms. .. such a shame they havent bothered to join all the dots! Disruptive government, definitely!


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