Peter Brandt and Alessio Rastani discuss how to best approach a crypto rally, the effects of the Bitcoin halving, and Iran-U.S. tensions.

For more on Bitcoin as a safe haven, check out our previous video ( featured at 10:06!

‘Weak Hands Are Out’ — Trader Who Called $20K Bitcoin Top Calls Bottom

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  2. So much bad information here. BSV is Bitcoin. Not BTC. I've been saying this since $36, I'm saying it at $300 and I'll say it at $3000 this year. You're going to have a very bad time if you're invested in BTC or anything dependent on it's survival.

  3. The reason why neither of these people care about the halving is because of the academic disciplines they read the markets from. The halving is about supply and you can’t account for the demand side here. Smart investors might be prepared to pay more for bitcoin regarding the halving event, however most are after short term profits, few are thinking about 6 months or a year again. The halving is not fully priced in!

  4. Alessio was right when he said he wasn't a fundamentalist. Profitable miners are going to be holding on to their coins driving the price up right before the halving. Same as the first two.

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  6. Halving is not just a news event… it's a literal cut of supply of daily produced BTC by 50%…. Still costs the same to produce btc in hardware and elec costs… effect may not be immediate but it'll come IMO

  7. Interesting interview. But I can't believe how they talked about the halving event. Stock to flow will double (supply will decrease 50%). Massive deflation. Ratio demand/supply will double just by that & im not taking into acount the FOMO & URGE that this will bring. Nobody will want to miss the bull run & everybody will want to buy as much as possible before is to late.

  8. You're so wrong, Alessio. You're missing something. Do you even know EXACTLY when the last recession happened? It's September 2007. Look at the historical chart.
    Initially, gold went up for the next 6 months after the recession (until March 2008).
    After that, gold dropped back almost to the same position it was before the recession happened.
    So basically, gold didn't go down initially after the recession. There was a 6 month gold bull run at first (and then followed by the liquidation you were talking about).
    That could happen to digital assets as well.
    This just proves that pure TA doesn't really work. Study some fundamentals.

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  10. You may think the BTC halving event is already priced in. However, after each of the two previous halvings in Nov 2012 and July 2016, BTC went up about 94 fold and 30 fold, respectively in 12 to 17 months. For an event that's already "priced in", it sure has had a massive effect on the price in the years afterwards.


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