Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO, discusses interoperability, next-gen internet, and China’s blockchain industry at Blockshow 2019 in Singapore.

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  1. Key moments:
    0:31 — Will proof-of-work become outdated?
    1:55 — How will China’s interest in blockchain affect NEO and the crypto industry?
    3:05 — Did Xi Jinping’s announcement boost NEO’s price?
    3:18 — Will China use blockchain to limit economic freedom?
    4:21 — Can cryptocurrencies thrive in China?
    5:42 — How will the industry develop in 2020?
    6:06 — Which blockchains will be connected?
    6:38 — How ambitious is achieving interoperability in 2020?
    7:05 — Will NEO become the next-gen internet?

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