Thanks to the bravery of three China-based industry experts and the academic opinion of a renowned economist we are able to gain a better understanding of how the coronavirus is affecting the crypto industry.

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  1. Bitcoin is a currency that rely’s on the people and not government bodies. So of course if people sell the price will drop it’s not rocket science. That does not mean that the reliance and sell off of the people will stop Crypto from reaching $500,000 after the halving. The halvings is what will give crypto more stability and increase in price.

    Bitcoin halvings are scheduled to occur once every 210,000 blocks roughly every four years until the maximum supply of 21 million bitcoins has been generated by the network.

    Yes Bitcoin is the safe haven now get the hell out of here with your political news, the very ones who hide information from ya. The very ones who use scare tactics so the rich can become richer. Everything manipulated by greed.

  2. Is kind of funny to assume that Bitcoin didn’t function well as a safe heaven in this last few days when the stock market got slaughtered because the crypto market went down 10%

    So, to get things clear, are we comparing market declines? Because if we are, realize that 10% pull back in the tiny crypto market is a normal move, nothing to compare to the massive losses the stock market just suffered.

  3. This is a deliberately planned event. It is being hyped by the media and governments in order to further UN and globalists agendas. These agendas seek restrictions on travel, purchases, associations, forced injections and even where to live.

  4. Well don't eat fucking bat soup, or any other weird shit that you're not meant to eat. What type of human being would go to a market and think maybe I'll have that for dinner tonight?

  5. What you didn't stand still to is that this isn't a financial crisis. This is a health crisis. People are trying to avoid dying and just trying to get food to eat. The focus is on trying to stay alive. Investing is the last thing that is on the mind of the majority of human being right now.

  6. People are too short sited. Youtube is filled with these day trading viewpoints. We haven't even gotten started. Also YTD stocks vs BTC who's ahead. At minimum look monthly, preferably quarterly. Everyone is still waiting and sussing out where things are going.

  7. Even Gold/Silver (a known safe haven) went down alongside w stocks. So does that mean Gold/Silver is no longer a safe haven? I think not

  8. The "safe haven" comments were missing something critical. Big money influencers manipulated the BTC price downwards, to amke sure it wouldnt be viewed as a safe haven. This is deliberate.

  9. 10:00 that suggests to me, that the elite dumps crypto to avoid moonrockets ascension entering market already now.. A bullish bitcoin at time of markets bigger drop would lead inmediatelly to an unstoppable crash


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