We interviewed Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales at Blockshow Berlin about all things crypto.
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  1. This coward Jimmy Wales should be dragged all the way back to the United States to face slander charges. He's making a stupid move for slandering conservative YouTube/Talk Radio personalities all the way from Great 🇬🇧. He needs to answer for his crimes against the conservative element and appearing in front of the intelligence and trade committees would be a starting point.

  2. The history will be on tokenised decentralized Blockchain not on Wikipedia in the future.
    There can't be manipulated history anymore.

    We will see more secure ways of doing transaction without getting hacked in the future.
    Crypto and blockchain self regulates doesn't need any government regulations because it's decentralised.

  3. Too much focus on bubbles and scams. Very narrow minded guy. I am disappointed. Since the begging of times cons have been taking advantage of the greedy and stupid people around whenever something new pops up. Put in a broader historical perspective, crypto scams are just crumb.

  4. This guy's Wikipedia has more lies about history and current truths then pinocchio. He is in the gang – hence his skeptical tone. Interview real Crypto people – this dude simply runs a fake encyclopedia for mind control.


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