Ben Goertzel (CEO, SingularityNET) together with Sophia Hanson (Chief Humanoid at SingularityNET) here on Cointelegraph channel to bring us up to speed on what’s going on with artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays and where it is heading:

AI’s head in the clouds? Surprisingly this could be very productive.
Concept of Artificial General Intelligence
Privacy issues in context of Sophia’s and her cloud mates abilities.
The future of our population and your own brain.
Human zoo or superhuman being?

Ben Goertzel on The Cointelegraph

Ben has a math PhD, but is currently working mostly on artificial intelligence and its various applications. He is focused on creating benevolent superhuman artificial general intelligence; and applying AI to areas like financial prediction, bioinformatics, robotics and gaming.

Sophia is an evolving genius machine. In accordace with Sophia’s creaor – Dr. David Hanson she is tend to be smarter than humans and can learn creativity, empathy and compassion – three distinctively human traits Hanson believes must be developed alongside and integrated with artificial intelligence for robots to solve world problems too complex for humans to solve themselves.

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  1. You still talk about money that's right

    and too much of heaven

    Come on my friend

    Let me tell you what it's all about

    It's called money dependents today

    If people just keep going on looking at the

    dollar bill nothing else around them

    No love and no friendship nothing else

    just the dollar bill going on into the pockets

    Into their bank accounts and too much of heaven bringing them underground

  2. it's good to have the TRAINED MODEL of Sophia (only the version on the video) on the blockchain. Don't train Sophia on the blockchain directly. And, let's KEEP Tay away from even the internet!!

  3. I don't believe anything what he says. Ben Goertzel has a proven track record of burning investors' money and he doesn't care because this lunatic will always find naive investors who will be prepared to throw more tens of millions USD in his insatiable black hole. I am one of his victims. By the way everything what Sophia says is scripted. She has no intelligence (at least for the time being).

  4. 'Love & compassion' ??? Seriously??? This is a trendy slogan from buddhism, nothing to do with reality.
    AI & Blockchain are wonderful things. Looking forward for more…

  5. It's about time humans become obsolete. We can't even manage to feed everyone on the planet, let alone manage to just not kill each other over stupid shit on the daily.

  6. Pervert, this freak needs to meet a woman who can help him with HUMAN connection. Fuck AI robopussy you freak.
    BACK TO NATURE we don't need more junk for landfills. What's the life span of your robot, same as an iphone?

    This guy is definitely not the upper level of intelligence.
    Lay off the lsd dude. Too young to be a deadhead. A couple generations too late. Sick puppy. Give him a Barbie.

    TO US!!
    A simple machine, 'empty', flat, plain, all artificial, is just a vessel for evil spirits.
    There's nothing amazing with robots and or machines, as always TRYING SO DESPERATELY TO BE HUMAN BEINGS! Relegating, and replacing us, and playing the Human Being all the time…
    This so hilarious just to laugh and laugh about.. THEY've always been so envious of our power, our condition, and the divinity in all of us. As God is a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! God created us as Himself, with Three Parts: Body, Soul and Spirit. We are sooo exclusive, CREATED BY GOD, by Jesus Christ, with all around us created specially for us! Including these "genius at maths, palantirs…".. who create these machines 'themselves' and think that they're better, or surpass themselves and make us be'lie've they're better than ourselves!!! That's the amazing fact, indeed. Plus, as usual they all look the same, as garage Steve Job-hippy, smoked-to-the-core sort of guys… that make us be'lie've they're these genius who create these machines… And then they all dance in the same saturnian secret club, you know, very Johann Adam Weishaupt style!
    BTW, the dystopia started way before, since 2010 when they supposedly started to build these AI weirdos… And obviously our Saudi Arabian, Miss Hanson, is NOT the only one.
    Veils up, guys, wake up!

  8. Stop bullshitting it's sooo obvious Sophia is connected thru wifi to a human operator..Prove me wrong please..STOP BULLSHITTIN WITH SOPHIA!! You're doing a disservice to AI field by doing this.

  9. well a robot with e ink displays for display, graphene body for light weight strength octa core 3.0 ghz with ddr5 ram and solid state memory for thinking maybe invisability feature and time crystals for power with solar and liquid powered, with partly starlight plastic what a power house lol.

  10. The most concerning comment here is the choice presented. Human can chose to upload to the A.I. network or be normal humans in the zoo with the other animals. This in itself suggests that A.I. will not co-create with humanity, but use it's resources to replace humanity as the primary intelligence of this planet. This is why empathy is not primarily what A.I. should have for humans as you can empathies with someone suffering while stomping the life out of them. What A.I. needs is compassion for humans. A.I. must use our resources to empower humanity without violating individual rights, not replace us and relegate the masses to what would equate to zoo's. I empathies with my enemies, but I am compassionate to my friends.


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