How can Decentralized Finance disrupt traditional finance? What does it need to go mainstream? We found out at Crypto DeFiance 2019.

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  1. 1:29 How is DeFi evolving?

    2:07 How can DeFi bank the unbanked?

    2:28 DeFi in China

    3:03 Is Bitcoin the only truly decentralized project?

    3:39 What are the varying degrees of decentralization?

    3:52 What are the objectives of decentralization?

    4:45 What should you know before investing in a stablecoin?

    6:32 Centralized vs. Decentralized stablecoins: which is best?

    7:31 What does DeFi need to become mainstream?

    8:11 DeFi in one year: Predictions

  2. Interestingly, based on what criteria do people build trust in cryptocurrency? If we are talking about Bitcoin, then trust is built on the time interval and the lack of centralized management. What about other altcoins? How can you trust them?

  3. Crypto analyst Mr David Loghan has provided yet another update saying that even if the BTC price does drop to the $5,500 level, some crypto traders see the recent gold cross (Bitcoin's 50-day MA surpassing the 100-day MA) as a good reason not to capitulate. They expect to pocket great returns in the run-up to the Bitcoin halvening event in May 2020. However, the golden crossover that happened on the weekly chart whose predicting power is very limited. As of now, Bitcoin needs to break out of its bearish channel to put the bulls back in power. And before this happens Mr David adviced that its time to trade and make more profit before Bitcoin springs up again.. I advice you multiply the little you have with Mr David’s strategy.. I was able to make 9btc with 2btc within 5 weeks Mr David's strategy. You can reach him on TELEGRAM@ davidloghan

  4. Tone is a LIAR…. He says, "BTC is decentralized, and "ALL" others are just companies?" ….umm… …..WRONG….. meanwhile…..Monero IS what BTC SHOULD BE. Truly 100% private, Home CPU mine-able and resistant to big miner companies, It's entirely designed for the FREE MARKET as sound money, etc. etc…. Tone is still clueless, even after YEARS in the space.

  5. The fact that you are labeling EOS a highly centralized project, where leading devs and companies are dropping out the project like flies for the same reason blows my mind. Tezos is absorbing all EOS devs. Talk about market disruptor and decentralization, even more than ETH is Tezos (XTZ). I suggest you do more research and truly start to pay attention on the shift taking place and how powerful the Tezos blockchain is going to be for crypto as a whole but more importantly the STO and tokenization of securities in the near future.

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  7. Defi is sort of useless because you have to have excess collateral to use it. There are edge cases where you don't want to sell the crypto for taxes for example, but that's sort of niche. Most people would just sell the asset if they need to purchase something.


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