Hodler’s Digest Dec 9
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The Dow crashed following fears of a continues U.S vs China trade war and the crypto market followed suit. Petro revalued, Pump and Dump study and Binance’s own blockchain.

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The Dow Crashes, Bitcoin Crashes | Hodler’s Digest



  1. first, this hostess needs to button up that jacket, you look like you're wearing your older brothers polyester tuxedo jacket. something weird going on there, are those shoulder pads? so 30 years ago! and tame those eyebrows, girlfriend!

  2. Gamblers, 99% always lose. Bitcoin is an inflated sham. Always was, just wait this spiral down will continue. Tell some of the stories of people who've seen their savings erased in the last few months.

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  4. How does anyone pay 5 to 10$ for a bitcoin transaction?
    He sure didn't check his wallet settings..
    Mining fees are adjustable : from zero to a lot.

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  6. BTC is a creation of AI and CIA. It's not going to fail. We all know now that it is not decentralized, or anonymous. She tells us right here. BTC can be used to fight terrorism. ? What? I'm confused. Didn't they say 6 months ago it was a tool for terrorism and money laundering and drug dealing? Oh yeah, that was all BS. Welcome to the clampdown!

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  8. The smartest AI robot when asked "how do you learn ?" Robot answered "what is your opinion on Bitcoin bubble?" AI knows bitcoin is a bubble. Jack Ma dubbed ET by Chinese people because he is so smart called Bitcoin a bubble. So we have the smartest AI robot and smartest Chinese on the planet calling out Bitcoin a bubble. Logically, one Bitcoin should be worth less than one ounce of gold….$1200. The elites are swapping Bitcoin for Bitcoin Diamond. Why? Bitcoin Diamond…the son of Bitcoin is taking over its father as the king of digital currency payment for e commerce as outlined in Bitcoin's whitepaper. Chinese elites are colluding with Bitcoin Diamond foundation to take over the world as the e commerce currency.

  9. 5 reasons to not invest in crypto. 1) CME futures short up to 50 times the value 2) Cryptofacilities can short crypto up to 50 times the value 3) Accurate data not on exhanges as most volume happens over counter ) 4) Even if you got license and had enough funds to short crypto , wall street servers are so fast your charts are no longer valid 5) More money can be made betting against crypto


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