The prospects of a Bitcoin ETF coming to market have not only crypto enthusiasts psyched, but Wall Street as well. Even though the term ETF — i.e., exchange-traded fund — is often talked about, we wanted to delve into the mechanics behind it in order to get a better understanding of the potential impact it might have. We interviewed an ETF consultant, an ETF applicant, a professor of finance and even a commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission to get the whole picture and to try to answer the question, could a Bitcoin ETF be a game changer?

Richard Keary — ETF Consultant and founder of Global ETF Advisors LLC
Gabor Gurbacs — Digital Asset Strategist/Director at VanEck
David Yermack — Professor and Chair of the Finance Department at NYU Stern School of Business
Hester Peirce — SEC Commissioner

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Bitcoin ETF: Wall Street’s Path to Crypto | Cointelegraph Documentary



  1. it can't be diluted by the govermnet but it is still not that familiar for some people but hopefully in near future btc will get mass adoption by simple people as well.

  2. There wouldn't be a BTC ETF, but maybe a multiple coin ETF. I doubt it though. Not until coins have real value attached to them rather than just perceived.

  3. 8:00 dont eat all the lies raw…it is nohing about being afraid of being blamed lol. That is a lie. The world elite just dont want fiat to die, or at least they want to delay it so they got time to execute their plans. Dont think for one moment that the world elite have not accounted for crypto into their plans. They ofc have. And I would have done so too. They have had since 2008 to make up a genious plan for out phasing fiat and still win in the end.

  4. Great video but do we really need it as the market is already liquid and buyers can go elsewhere to purchase? BTC celebrated its 10th birthday this year and has already survived.

  5. Gabor Gurbacs
    Apr 2
    Replying to @Jaynewtocebu @justinsuntron and 2 others

    1. I was impressed by Justin’s energy and overall hustle. 2. BitTorent acquisition is very interesting to me. (Torrent is a big network with significant history.) 3. Young Asian entrepreneurs are often underestimated and mocked in the west (US and Europe). It’s a mistake.

  6. Those ETFs will buy phantom Bitcoin…just like COMEX pretends to sell gold or silver but in reality it is mostly make-believe gold and silver…it does not exist. COMEX leveraged 100 to 1 in gold contracts for Pete's sake! Is that what you want for Bitcoin? Fuck those ETFs!

  7. ETFs will be used to control Bitcoin….they will be able to short Bitcoin out the ying-yang. Look at gold and silver ETFs…used to manipulate gold and silver…the primary silver manipulator, JP Morgan, is the custodian of SLV's silver for God's sake! Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse! No one even knows if there is any silver backing up SLV!

  8. Why so complicated!

    Bitcoin is "peer-to-peer" there is no need for these middle men.. Just buy the underlying asset, learn how it works, how to use it and distance yourself from rent seekers!

  9. I still find it funny how BTC supporters call XRP a bankers coin, but they support BTC futures and ETFs which are run by banks. Makes sense right!?


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